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Lord Rot, the death metal project of the Hellripper James McBain (if you don’t know Hellripper, I’ve not done my job right!), have their debut EP, ‘The Realm of Decay’ available now, and judging by the cover, you’d be forgiven for believing this is pure Swedish death metal worship.

Take that forgiveness, because its about the only mercy you’ll get from this EP. Chainsaw riffing brutality opens the ravaging ‘Ripped in Half’, and when the blasting stops and a menacing guitar line comes at you, it turns into this malevolent chugging beast. The production isn’t quite as thick as I would’ve liked, but the material is rock solid.

‘Trapped in a Casket’ has got a sick, early 90s vibe, back when death and thrash were barely separated. It’s like the sick child of Possessed and Autopsy, with the rabid attack of one meeting the sludgy goodness of the latter. ‘Cacophony of Screams’ growls and shrieks like a song possessed, with the grinding spirit of Dismember looming high above. ‘Realm of Decay’ is a sign that Lord Rot could be something extra tasty in the world of death sometime soon. I eagerly await more Hellripper, bring it to me!! -