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Extreme Deformity was formed in 1990. Their demo 1992 is actually a rehearsal recording, which they made as a four-piece (Kalmár András - vocals, Bertalan Zsolt - guitars, Tóth Csaba - bass, Bertalan Balázs - drums). Apart from that it turned out to be an excellent stuff and the

band got quite popular in the underground.

Before the recording session of their first album on LMS Records (1993 - Internal), a second guitarist Csejtey Zoltán joined the group. The tape Internal was really successful, but it never came out as a CD.

The band made energetic gigs, as a proof of it, there is an unofficial live-tape out called Live In Ajka. Beside several concerts in Budapest and in the countryside, as a crown to their career, they played on Masters Of Rock Fest, which was part of Diáksziget, now known as Sziget Fesztivál. After numerous line-up changes, they split up in 1995.

After that the Bertalan brothers accompanied by the ex-members of Jeanne d'Arc continued playing music under Strong Deformity name.

Csejtey Zoltán - who was also a member of Extreme Deformity for a short period before its split-up - with his brother Csaba played also in Sear Bliss. Currently he is playing in the band Csejtey, whose debut EP came out at early of 2010.

The whole material of the tape Internal and the demo Extreme Deformity as well as a song that was left off from Internal (Escape) is remastered and with a new cover available on CD since 31 of march 2011.