Title: Call Of The Blue Distances
Origins: Germany
Price: RM60.00

Info: The heaviest European crust legion finally landed in the blackest of the Agipunk territories. The music developed a step ahead to a more contaminated sound by some elements coming from the less uncompromised post punk bands like Killing Joke and Alaric. The reminiscences of stench core heroes like Axegrinder, Amebix and Bolt Thrower are still strong, but there's a new vibe one this record that definitely makes it even more interesting than their previous releases. Be ready to be buried once again by Instinct Of Survival.


Title: NIghtmare Visions
Origins: Norway
Price: RM60.00

Info: 8 new tracks of skull splitting Norwegian hardcore punk mayhem!! A massive follow up to their first two acclaimed EPs from 2010. The hammer is comingdown full force from Scandinavia!! There is no escape! You will be soiled! Teeth are grinding, heads are banging, and beer is spilling!! Ground Zero Oslo!


Title: S/T
Origins: Sweden
Price: RM60.00

Info: After the brilliant debut "7ep, here we go with the next strike!!! Again, 8 incredible raw brutal Swedish Oldschool Hardcore tunes in the vein of Shitlickers and Anti Cimex!!! No compromises on this one, just pure Swedish "Ultra Mega Raw" Hardcore!!!


Title: Russia Bombs Finland
Origins: Finland
Price: RM60.00

Info: The best compilation of classic Finnish punk band. Reissued by Hohnie Records.


Name: ARISE!
Origins: Finland
Price: RM30.00

Info: This zine takes one clear theme and viewpoint and pierces it through different bands, countries and genres. From Chile to Sweden, from heavy metal to hardcore, Arise! tries to examine what is the role of rebellion in today’s extreme music – be the nature of this rebellion spiritual, social, musical or personal.

It means 52 A4 pages and in-depth interviews with these bands and artists:

+ articles from philosophers, magicians, metalheads and punkrockers
+ 25+ ‘rebel anthem’ recommendations from the underground


Title: Split
Origins: USA / AUS
Price: RM20.00

Info: Philadelphia's CASKET team up with Melbourne, Australia's SEWERCIDE in a killer 7" split showcasing both death/thrash bands at their absolute best. On the A Side, CASKET brings the pain with "Armed to the Teeth", a killer track with aggressive hooks and hardcore leanings.  Not to be outdone, SEWERCIDE graces the B Side with "Vector of Disease".  The Aussie offering is equally energizing, and is filled with riveting death metal accented by thrashing brutality.


Title: Split
Origins: USA
Price: RM20.00

Info: Prepare yourself for this crushing combination of DIY crust, punk, and blackened drudgery.  USBM mainstays KRIEG conspire with Blackened Crustards RAMLORD to curate this exeptional slab of raw vinyl.
KRIEG's side of the split features two tracks, with a choice cover of DOOM's "Worthless Nothing" from 1993's The Greatest Invention... LP.  RAMLORD matches KRIEG's intensity with two tracks of their own, displaying the same level of depravity heard on their last split with NUCLEAR DEVASTATION.


Title: Split
Origins: USA
Price: RM20.00

Info: Baltimore's MUSKET HAWK are a mainstay in the local underground scene.  Their apocalyptic sludge heaviness matched with bursts of grind is crushing.  The band features former members of A WARM GUN. 
 Philly's SUNBURSTER are equally intoxicating, with a heavy as hell sludge feel with bits and pieces of hardcore thrown in for good measure.  SUNBURSTER features current and former members of OCCULT 45, KRIEG, and DEATHBEDS.


Title: Black Hearts And White Lines
Origins: Sweden/USA
Price: RM20.00

Info: Both bands need little introduction.  PANZERBASTARD have been cracking skulls for over 10 years with their hybrid style of speed metal meets hardcore punk meets whatever the hell they feel like throwing in.  RAWHIDE have been on a path of destruction since their inception in 2003, with two full-lengths and a handful of demos, EPs and splits.  RAWHIDE's two tracks are laden with riffs and memorable hooks using thier filthy, dirty, stripped down style of punk-infused rock. 


Title: On The Edge
Origins: USA
Price: RM35.00

Info: Volture is the brainchild of bassist Ryan Waste (known for his work with Municipal Waste) and guitarist Nick Poulus. Both got together over a beer (or four) to form the band in Richmond VA in November 2008. The song writing leaned toward traditional Euro/US Metal and the New Wave of British Heavy Metal. The two friends were joined by drummer Barry Cover and vocalist Brent Hubbard (who was later replaced by Jack Bauer).
Ryan Waste explains: “Having a real heavy metal band has been a lifelong goal of mine. Volture is my second attempt in attaining that achievement. Some of the other members/ex-members in Volture (drummer Barry Cover, ex-vocalist Brent Hubbard) shared the first go around with me in a band called Immortal Avenger, which fell by the wayside to say the least. Six years after its demise, Volture came together when I started talking music with my friend Nick Poulos. I shared a lot of my more obscure heavy metal and N.W.O.B.H.M. music collection with him through tape trading and he picked out a lot of the songs immediately on the guitar. I'm known as a guitarist because of Municipal Waste, but many people don't know that I was a originally a bass player long before that. Nick's guitar playing fit well with my bass playing and we began to write original tunes. I called upon Brent to sing and Barry to drum once again knowing they could nail the style and Volture was born.” 
The band's debut mini-album »Shocking Its Prey« was issued in early 2010. “I am still very proud of that record,” says Ryan Waste. “We continue to play a lot of those songs live. Cuts like 'Volture', 'Heavy Metal Machine' and 'The Horde' will remain as staples in our setlist. I like that it was such a low budget recording and it shows in the right ways. A lot of people tell me it sounds like something out of the late 1970s and early 1980s which always puts a smile on my face. No triggers or bullshit studio trickery, just honest heavy metal.”
Quickly after the release of »Shocking Its Prey« Dave Boyd of Twisted Tower Dire fame joined as a second guitarist. The »Rulebreaker« 7” single (plus video clip) followed in 2011 (including a brilliant cover version of Gotham City's “Killer Angels” on the flipside of the vinyl). “We are big fans of bands like Heavy Load, Overdrive or Torch and I'm also into a lot of obscure Scandinavian Metal like Scratch, Sacrifice (Swe), Mindless Sinner and Sergeant. Actually, we almost covered Heavy Load instead of Gotham City for the B-side but they have too many good songs to choose just one!”
Volture continued to tour the United States and Canada throughout 2010/2011. “We toured a lot with our Canadian brothers in Cauldron,” explains Ryan. “We get along well and continue to tour together. It's refreshing to be around like-minded metalheads that are into the same kind of music. In the States, heavy metal isn't as popular as it once was, but we try to put it in people's faces. It's a labor of love for us playing this style and we are never going to conform.” 
In 2012, Volture appeared live at Germany's prestigious Keep It True festival. “Honestly, it was my favourite festival I've ever been a part of,” confesses Ryan Waste. “It's mostly from a HM fan perspective for me. We played the same year as the N.W.O.B.H.M. anniversary and I got to hangout with a lot of my heroes and influences. It was a pretty overwhelming experience but everyone was so grounded and kind that it was just a big party backstage. Getting to chat with Dennis Stratton, John Mortimer, Mark and Paul from Trespass, Tino and Chris from Praying Mantis were big highlights. So many amazing bands and great friends like OZ, Ostrogoth, Tytan and Witch Cross had killer sets. Hails to Oliver Weinsheimer for such an incredible festival!”
Shortly after their appearance at Keep It True the band inked a deal with High Roller Records. The result is the full-length debut album entitled »On The Edge«, containing nine highly energetic traditional heavy metal anthems – from “Ride The Nite” all the way through to “Rock You Hard”.
“»On The Edge« is the total heavy metal package”, comments Ryan Waste. “In comparison to the mini-album and the single the themes are a little more involved and the song writing has gotten a bit more complex. Although we never want to stray too far away from our original direction, I think it's important to grow. We will always play traditional heavy metal and that will never change! The album has been a long time coming. A lot of the songs we've had for over three years musically. I've been so busy touring with Municipal Waste that it was hard to fit studio time in with Volture and the recording got very spread out. It worked to our benefit as it gave more time for our new singer Jack to practice and prepare. The whole band contributed to writing lyrics and we felt like a strong unit again. We prevailed in the end and even brought our old singer Brent in to record some additional vocals as a passing of the torch. The songs are well seasoned so we are very confident in our first full-length album. The themes of several of the songs cover aspects that are tied into the artwork, which is another amazing painting by Andrei Bouzikov.”
Matthias Mader


Title: Wild Racer
Origins: Canada
Price: RM70.00 (LP)
           RM35.00 (CD)

Info: Axxion (simply pronounced Action) is a new band from Canada, formed in the summer of 2012. The line-up consists of Chris Riley (bass, vocals), Alison Thunderland (drums, vocals), Sir Shred (lead guitar, vocals) and Dirty D Kerr (lead vocals, rhythm guitar). The band so far issued one E.P. »Wild Racer« is their debut album. 

Guitarist Sir Shred comments: “Well, dude, it’s the first album with eight new tunes, one re-recorded tune from the E.P. and a secret cover tune by a great Canadian band. Hint for the cover is: Being pulled in some sort of a wagon by some horses or something. First dude to guess that one get’s a free twinkie … We’ve been working on »Wild Racer« for the last little while and it will be released in July 2013, followed by a couple week tour in Europe. There’s some really cool tunes on it but my favourite would have to be 'Tonight'. We’re shooting a video for it next month and it should be out in June 2013.” For bassist Chris Riley “Savage Avenger" is “probably the most well-known song of the band but he thinks “that everyone has a different favourite song from the E.P. There’s something for everyone.”
In July 2013 Axxion are booked to play the warm-up show of the legendary Headbangers Open Air festival in Itzehoe. “I think it’s gonna be awesome”, says Shred. “There’s nothing like playing in Germany, coolest shows ever. After the warm-up show we’re gonna attend the festival. I’ve wanted to go to this festival for years now but never had the chance. I think three days of beer, cigars and metal is going to be pretty sweet. I’ve seen Overkill a few times but it will be a first for the rest of the bands.” 

Before Axxion drummer Alison and Shred played in Skull Fist, Dirty D Kerr in Midnight Malice. Chris Riley played in some kind of 'polka jazz reggae-core supergroup' …
Whereas I hear a lot of early Virgin Steele and maybe Helstar in Axxion, D.D. Kerr names bands such as Grim Reaper, Dokken, Tyran Pace, Riot and W.A.S.P. as the biggest influences. 
Along with Sweden, Canada currently boasts a very lively underground metal scene (with bands like Alcoholator). How comes? “I’m not exactly sure what’s happening in Canada right now,” says Alison. “Maybe people here are just realizing that this style of music KICKS ASS and they not only want to hear it, but to play it as well. I think Canada has a lot of new bands that are quite different from one another, but have this same kind of underlying theme … maybe a Canadian theme? Ha, ha, I really don’t know, but whatever we’re doing over here, it’s working!” So do Axxion view themselves in the tradition of classic Canadian Metal acts like Anvil, Exciter and Razor? “Yes and no,” says D.D. “Bands like Reckless, Sword, Thor and that one Helix album … sure! But not so much those thrash guys. Anvil’s first three albums are pretty sweet though.”
Matthias Mader


Title: Time Machine
Origins: Germany
Price: RM65.00

Info: Following the huge success of Stallion, High Roller Records is proud to announce the debut mini-album of Germany's newest heavy metal sensation Blizzen. Andi Heindl (guitars), Marvin Kiefer (guitars), Daniel Stecki (vocals, bass) and Gereon Nicolay (drums) formed the band in February 2014. In April of the same year they issued a three-track demo to download freely from the internet. In October 2014 Blizzen appeared live at the „Manilla Road festival“. Now it's time for the first official release on High Roller Records entitled »Time Machine«.
“We have been influenced by classic metal and thrash metal from the eighties,” states singer/bassist Daniel Stecki. “But also classic rock from the sixties and seventies. If I go through the A-Z of bands having influenced us I'd start at Anthrax and end with ZZ Top. There'd be at least one band per letter in the alphabet. Iron Maiden, Tank, Diamond Head, Led Zeppelin, Thin Lizzy – those were also bands that have influenced us quite heavily.”
So the title of the mini-album »Time Machine« (featuring a lightning bolt on the album cover which looks exactly like the one from Raven's »Wiped Out« album) is to be taken literally after all? “I guess you could say this”, laughs Daniel. “Our debut is a travel back in time to the glory eighties, a time in which all our heroes put out their best records.”
Just listen to the opening riff of “Gone Wild” and you will instantly hear where Blizzen are coming from, classic Jaguar springs to my mind. “Yes, that might be true”, says Daniel. “Jaguar are definitely one of the bands we adore. I have just listened to their new album »Metal X« and I must say it is really, really good.” 

There is a good chance that some people will describe Blizzen as the “new Stallion”, a description Daniel has no problem with: “That'd be a big honour for us. Stallion are not only a fantastic band, they are very nice people as well. In general though I don't think that we are the 'new Stallion'. Our style is a bit different from theirs, to be honest.”
Blizzen will be playing the warm-up show to “Hell over Hammaburg” in 2015 and they have already started work on their first full-length album: “We have finished eleven songs. There are a few more to come but the material for the album is almost complete. Our live set at the moment is 45 minutes long including one cover version, namely 'Iron Maiden' by Iron Maiden.”
Matthias Mader


Title: Raw Deal
Origins: Finland
Price: RM70.00

Info: Whereas a lot of the new breed of Thrash Metal either comes from the States, Germany or Italy, Finland has lately been more commonly associated with great Doom bands such as Spiritus Mortis. However, Speedtrap might be about to change all that. With "Raw Deal" they have released a fantastic six-track debut CD, which is now out on vinyl via High Roller Records. The cover of the album looks like a cover of Exciter's classic "Heavy Metal Maniac" sleeve. With a little pun of course ...
Guitarist Ville Valavuo explains: "Yeah, actually it's supposed to be kind of a tribute to Exciter AND Blood Money, mixing the "Heavy Metal Maniac" cover (the bleeding amp) with the "Red, Raw and Bleeding" cover (the bloody chainsaw). We wanted to have a painting on the cover, and contacted a few artists like Dimitar Nikolov, but considering our financial situation it would've cost way too much." Talking of Blood Money, this obscure N.W.O.B.H.M. band and Diamond Head are amongst Speedtrap's faves: "It's impossible for me to speak for all of us, but I think none of us will disagree if I tell you that Blood Money's "Red, Raw and Bleeding" LP and Diamond Head's "Lightning to the Nations" LP have been two of the most influential albums to us. So yes, the N.W.O.B.H.M. is without a doubt our favourite Metal movement, even though I'd say Blood Money is more like (proto-) speed metal." Speedtrap's music has been described as "Diamond Head on 45", that sounds interesting ... Ville is not so sure of this description any more: "Ehh … yeah, it seemed like a good idea at the time when we put this on our myspace page, but we should probably try to get rid of this!" Finland is not a small country at all, so I was quite surprised to hear that all four members live in different cities or towns: "Originally we're all from eastern Finland (Lappeenranta, Taipalsaari, Joutseno), but now all of us live in different cities. And with Miika moving to Helsinki that kinda adds the fifth city to the list, since I'm living in Tampere, Markus is in Turku, Jori's in Joensuu and our rehearsal place is still in Lappeenranta."
As Speedtrap is a young and eager band, ready to go out there and take the world by storm (as Demon once sang), it is no wonder that they have already amassed new material: "Yeah, we've got six or seven new songs ready, and then there's a lot of nearly-finished tracks. I'm not sure about the next release yet, but we're planning a split release with a Finnish metalpunk band called Deah With A Dagger. A full length album demands so much more planning that we won't be doing that yet."

Finland is known for its more Gothic bands like HIM. Is there a strong traditional Heavy Metal underground, I want to now from Ville? "There ain't many bands playing traditional Heavy Metal, but the Metal underground in general is alive and kickin'. With Speedtrap, Armour, Cast Iron, etc. you could actually see a new wave of heavy metal bands forming in Finland, too bad Cast Iron split up. Their stuff was really promising. Besides bands, there are organisations arranging shows and bringing big underground names to Finland every year. This year there's Manilla Road, Blasphemy and Nifelheim to name just a few." I do love old '80's Finnish bands like Iron Cross, Ossy, Oz, Sarcofagus, Peer Günt or Albert Järvinen (who recorded a 12" EP with Lemmy from Motörhead). Ville is also familiar with those oldtimers: "The Heavy Metal scene seems to have been pretty active back in the 80's. Many of the albums are now classics, for example "Fire in the Brain", "Moottorilinnut" and "Steel Warrior". According to some sources, Motörhead were planning to take Albert Järvinen in the band, too bad that never happened."
Although from Sweden, Portrait and In Solitude are two of the hottest current Scandinavian hopefuls. Speedtrap's guitarist shows that he is in the know: "Yes, I've seen Portrait and In Solitude both live and really liked them. Had to get the albums too. But my favourite one of these new Swedish band has got to be Enforcer. I can't wait for November when Enforcer are playing a few shows in Finland. If I've got enough money, I'll probably go see all three shows."

Matthias Mader

STALLION - 24/7 7"

Title: 24/7
Origins: Germany
Price: RM30.00

Info: Killer speed/heavy metal from Germany


Title: Rise And Ride
Origins: Germany
Price: RM65.00

Info: 2014 might as well turn out to be the year of the Stallion. They are one of the most promising up and coming traditional heavy metal bands from Germany. The re-issue of their debut mini-album »Mounting The World« via High Roller Records sold out in no time. Earlier in the year, the band took the prestigeous Keep It True festival by storm. “Playing Keep It True, standing on this very stage in front of this legendary backdrop was a dream come true for me,” says guitarist Äxl. “Paul and me have attended this festival for such a long time as fans. Now being able to play there with Stallion was just unbelievable. The audience at Keep It True is very special, they support each and every band. Even when the opening act comes up on stage, people are already there banging their heads and singing along.”

And now it is time for Stallion's first longplay album... The ten songs on »Rise And Ride« carry on where Stallion have left off with »Mounting The World«. Due to popular demand, the band has re-recorded two old numbers, namely “The Right One” as well as the fans' favourite “Canadian Steele”. Äxl explains: “Well, yes, our fans have demanded that, really. And, to be honest, after such a long time, I still do love the song 'Canadian Steele', which is a good sign, isn't it? It was not set out to become a hymn. Our fans made it a hymn and I am very grateful for that. You have to bear in mind that the success of Stallion did not come over night. I have been sharing a flat with Paul for years. We had been waiting until we felt everything was just the way we wanted it. There's a couple of very catchy numbers on »Rise And Ride« as well but I am of the opinion that only fans can turn a song into an anthem. Let's wait and see what happens.” The title track “Rise And Ride” is quite an epic number, “Wooden Horse” will turn a few heads as well with its Spanish-flavoured bridge. “Stigmatized” is the hardest song on the album. All in all, »Rise And Ride« again offers a well-balanced mixture of Speed Metal, Hard Rock and a bit of Thrash. It's a much more rounded effort in comparism to the debut mini-album, which was a collaboration of Äxl and Paul (who shared all the instruments). Nowadays, Stallion is a full-fledged band consisting of: Pauly (vocals), Äxl (guitar), Oli G. (guitar), Nicki "Schnicki" (bass) and Aaron (drums). Äxl takes over the story: “Well, yes, »Rise And Ride«
is very much a group effort. We have a constant line up now. And all the new members fit in very well. Their musical tastes are as broad as Paul's and mine. There are too many Metal hearts beating in our body for limiting our style and just playing one style of Metal music. It's the mixture of different influences that makes Stallion great. Take a song like 'Watch Out' from the new album for example. The new guys have contributed a lot of intricate parts to this number, which Paul and me would not have thought of, really. We are really proud of our new songs.”
If you look at successful German bands like The Scorpions, Accept or even Helloween (with their Wagnerian pomp), they all had this kind of “Teutonic” flair going for them in one form or the other. So is Stallion “Teutonic” in any shape or form? Äxl reflects: “That's a difficult question to answer. As I said, our influences are really broad. There are bound to be some German bands we have been influenced by, like Running Wild, Accept or Warrant. But we are surely not striving to sound German or 'Teutonic' per se. It's got to be fitting the actual song. And if that song in question sounds 'Teutonic', then that's okay with us. I do not have a problem with that at all.” 

On their debut mini-album »Mounting The World« Stallion covered “Heavy Metal Rock 'n' Roll” by Rock Goddess. There's no cover tune on the new album but the band surely plays a few more covers in their practice room, as Äxl explains: “Yeah, it's fun. We wanted to concentrate on our own material for the new album, so we didn't really have time to play too many covers lately. We tried 'Out In The Streets' by Atlain. And we did 'Flame Of The Show' by the German Warrant. Not a lot of people know of this song as it was only included on a re-issue but in my book it's one of the greatest Speed Metal anthems ever written. That's why we are planning to record it for the B-Side of our next 7” single. This song really deserves to be heard by more people.” 
Stallion already have a solid local fan base here in Germany and with their first album »Rise And Ride« and a long list of live dates later this year (including a full-blown European tour in autumn supporting Bullet and Striker), there's surely no stopping them in 2014!

Matthias Mader


Title: Magnaa
Origins: Chile
Price: RM25.00

Info: Chilean Death Metal horde is back with their brandnew 4th. Album named „Magnaa“.
They present 11 new classical music inspired compositions plus Intro, Intermezzo and Outro.
Outstanding technical Death Metal somewhere between DEATH (latest era), MORBID ANGEL or GOLEM. With no doubt, „Magnaa“ including their best work so far. Lyrics are in spanish but one track complete in german language! The album was mixed and mastered by Jörg Uken at Soundlodge Studio. The artwork created by Misanthropic Art. This release is a voyage into the darkest abyss, which by now is the band mark of this southern Death Metal assault! Limited edition of 300 handnumbered pieces ready for enter your Tapeplayer NOW!


Title: The Mysterious Of Repetitive Art
Origins: Germany
Price: RM25.00

Info: The Cologne band CHAPEL OF DISEASE start with 7 new songs on their 2nd album furios into the year 2015
The long awaited 2nd album is walking the path of putrefaction & soon ready to crawl into your mind. Their debut album „Summoning Black Gods“ from 2012 has built itself a monument in the scene as a ever flowing death metal milestone. This new self-produced & recorded Album was mixed by guitarist/vocalist Laurent Teubl and mastered by Erkan Tatoglu at Midas'in Kulakligi Studios in Ankara (Turkey). Artwork by Misanthropic Art. Limited edition of 300 handnumbered pieces ready for enter your Tapeplayer now!


Title: The Next Offensive
Origins: Germany
Price: RM25.00

Info: 5 years after the last album "Ghostleader" the quartet from Tom Zorn´s band is after refreshing with new members finally back in business! "The Next Offensive" is the 3rd album from Germany's WEAK ASIDE & their statement is clear from the get go-solid, no frills, Death Metal in the old school way.
Those who appreciate the fine art of an album to be like a flawless cast, which is sure to have his special pleasure with this new album of the 4 northern mates. Amazing 43 minutes music is what you get, with deep growls, fast or melodic riffs, variety & groovy parts that simply invite for headbanging!
With the 11 new songs WEAK ASIDE have created a real death metal monster, an absolute must have for fans of BOLT THROWER, MORGOTH & DISMEMBER.
Here is the limited Tape Version of 300 hand-numbered pieces. Comes right now to the front.


Band: DOOM
Title: Corrupt Fucking System
Origins: UK/Sweden
Label: Black Clouds
Price: RM85.00
Info: What a nice surprise just before the new year, a new Doom album. It has been a while since their last full length album “World Of Shit“. From the very opening song ‘Stripped, Whipped & Crucified‘ the anger and power still remain. This song leads us with a slow heavy riff to the second song ‘Prey For Our Souls‘, where they have the infamous punk poet Andy T on main vocals. For those not familiar with Andy, he had a great EP ‘Weary Of The Flesh‘ released on Crass Records. On this he sounds like an even darker, more politicized John Cooper Clarke. There is a real anarcho-punk type feel to some of the tracks on this. The title track, ‘Corrupt Fucking System,’ is pure political punk with that real powerful Conflict feel about it.

By anarcho-punk, I don’t mean this new album is some sort of departure from Doom’s mainstay. It is more of an undercurrent – the music still has that dirty crust sound that ‘War Crimes‘ had. Except maybe the band are even more weary of our fake resplendent world. The final song ‘Cults of Human Sacrifice‘ has spoken criticisms from atheist neuroscientist Sam Harris, which is the quintessential way to close this album. As he philosophizes the album’s mood perfectly.

Doom certainly haven’t vanquished their political ideologies and still hold true their DIY punk approach to everything they do, which makes the music a lot more sincere rather than going through the motions. The album is released by themselves on their label Black Cloud and was recorded, mixed & mastered by Bri Doom himself at Studio 1in12. The production is top notch too, as Bri has produced bands like Discharge, Deviated Instinct, Last Legion Alive, Alehammer, Bulletridden and many more. And back to DIY ethics again, the studio is part of the 1in12 club, an anarchist collective run venue/cafe/space in Bradford, which members of the band have been involved with for many years. To quote the title track:

“Together we are powerful. We must strive for a better world, a world without these corrupt fucking systems. If we do nothing we are doomed for eternity“.

In our world of glossy photoshopped images, slogans and doublespeak which slap you from every bus, billboard and screen, it is refreshing how the colors of the real world seem very alive when listening to something with a pungent vision of poverty, religious disease and global consumption. Monolithic and powerful, yet unembellished. This is another great album from Doom. []


Title: The Obscurity Within...
Origins: The Netherlands
Label: Soulseller
Price: RM55.00
Info: Dutch death metal overlords, ENTRAPMENT, are pleased to unleash their intense debut full length album, The Obscurity Within. Released in Europe NOW and January 8th, 2013 (USA), the mammoth 10-track album was recorded at Perimeter Audio in Velsen-Noord, NL, produced by Marc van Duivenvoorde and features cover art by Mattias Frisk (Vanhelgd).

The band are fresh off their ferocious sets at Bloodshed Festival (Netherlands) and Catacombs Festival (Germany) and are preparing to unleash their zombifying/soultearing death metal at Affliction Gate in France (Nov 30th).


Band: MAIM
Title: Deceased To Exist
Origins: Sweden
Label: Soulseller
Price: RM80.00
Info: Second album from one of Sweden's finest upholders of their country's brutal death metal history! 180 gram transparent yellow / black splatter vinyl.


Title: Descendants From The Depth
Origins: Malaysia
Label: Basement 
Price: RM10.00
Info: Impressive demo tape. This is the second version from their first demo. The chosen path is the 90's death metal, with a thrash metal edge.The early works of MORBID ANGEL and SINISTER can help to situate the level of brutality KATHGOR can reach. Any voracious demo tape eater shall get this tape if they're into the brutal death/thrash metal with a die-hard spirit.


Title: War Fucking War
Origins: Malaysia
Label: Basement 
Price: RM10.00
Info: Malaysian retro thrash with punk spirit.


Title: Endcient
Origins: Malaysia
Label: Nuclear Gaichal
Price: RM15.00
Info: 8 tracks of pure thrash fury including a King Diamond cover.HEREAFTER are 3 maniacs playing underground thrash full of catchy riffs and chorus, evil mosh parts and songs that make you forgot all the tasteless current shits and new releases !


Width: 3.5"
Length: 5"
Price: RM25.00


Title: The Ever-Burning Torch
Origins: Italy
Label: Iconoclast
Price: RM55.00
Info: From Sicily with fury, Undead Creep come out strongly with their first full-length, a pure Swedish-oriented death metal assault without compromises. Obscure, raw, brutal guitar riffing, granitic rhythm section and occult lyrical themes, as tradition teaches. If you love Nihilist, early Entombed and Dismember, you’ll love these four guys too. Featuring members of Haemophagus, Giuda and Morbo.


Title: Vengeance Is My Name
Origins: Colombia
Label: Old Goat Corpse
Price: USD5.00
Info: Attention headbanger, WITCHTRAP are back with their 3rd full-length studio album of dirty heavy thrash Black Rock 'N Roll! Six years have passed since the last megawatt devastation "No Anesthesia," too much time for sure! "Vengeance Is My Name" is a continuation of where they left off and is sure to rock ya 'til you bleed! 


Title: Chapel Of A Lifeless Cult
Origins: Germany
Label: FDA Rekotz
Price: RM35.00
Info: LIFELESS presents a massive brain-crushin' brand new song named "Godconstruct", an appetizer for their upcoming new full length album which will be released in fall 2012. "The Nameless City" called the track of Germany's most rotten zombie division CHAPEL OF DISEASE. The remastered song is taken from their sold out demo cassette "Death Evoked". The result of this 7 inch record = TOTAL DEATH METAL SLAUGHTER !!

Limited to:

100x clear demon-blue records
400x ultrablack records

+ A3 glossy poster

+ Chapel Of Disease outdoor sticker
+ Lifeless outdoor sticker
+ printed innersleeve




Title: Deathevokation
Origins: Germany
Label: FDA Rekotz
Price: RM75.00
Info: “Deathevokation” is about pure passion for this particular style and features 10 tracks addicted to the way Death Metal was meant to be. + outdoor sticker.

DAN SWANÖ about “Deathevokation”:"An excellent offering to the Gods of SweDeath, complete with one of the most accurate re-creations of the crushing guitartones of the early Sunlight era. For fans of NIHILIST and ENTRAILS". 

For fans of DISMEMBER, early ENTOMBED, ENTRAILS, REVOLTING.. Mastered by Dan Swanö at Unisound Studio Artwork by Juanjo Castellano (Vomitory, Blaspherian, Sathans etc.) Logo by Mark Riddick / Riddick Arts.


Title: Sonichouse Tape Siamese Invasion
Origins: Finland
Label: Witchhammer
Price: RM30.00
Info: The Asian version of this CULT release ! 9 songs to please all maniacs into 80's Hard-Rock & Heavy-Metal and bands like WASP, ACCEPT, SAXON, old-MOTLEY CRUE, PRIEST ! Awesome !!!


Title: Mabukkuasa
Origins: USA / Malaysia
Label: Jerk Off / S.B.S
Price: RM25.00
Info: "This is an interesting release, as MDC paired with a duo of legendary Malaysian punk bands. The MDC material is split between some older out of print material and some really poopy acoustic stuff. Not to direspect a justly revered band, but nobody fucking wants to hear MDC unplugged, AGRESSION cover or no. 

THE BOLLOCKS started out as a pogo punk band, but by the time these tracks were recorded in 2007 they’d evolved into a proto-crust band. Heavy, straightforward hardcore with metallic flourishes, kind of like POLICE BASTARD. I quite liked the earlier material of theirs that I heard, but this is really good too, definitely the standout band of the comp.

CARBURETOR DUNG present four tracks of odds and sods, sung mostly in Malay and reminding me a bit of the DEAD KENNEDYS, not so much in the sound as in their ability to play different styles, from metallic dirges to pop-punk, while retaining their essential sound. 

This is a decent comp, hopefully it will get some kids into kick-ass Malaysian punk." (AU – Andrew Underwood)


Title: Force Of Sound
Origins: Canada
Label: War Production 
Price: RM10.00
Info: Trad metal is making a huge comeback. Sweden seems to lead the way with a handful or two of bands making the waves Worldwide. Canada is one of the contenders to the throne. Mad Man have that same aura that bands like Enforcer, Portrait or In Solitude have in that they too portray heavy metal as music for hard working people who want to have a good time escaping everyday’s reality. Being a tape release this is old school in so many ways that half could be enough. Look being all the exterior and you find a band very much schooled in the tradition of 80s heavy/thrash metal. This makes me think of the heydays of the 80s/early 90s when this was the music that spun on my turntable pretty much every hour of the day. It will be a pleasure to follow Mad Man’s continued journey. Anders Ekdahl (


Title: Heavy Metal Poison 
Origins: Greece
Label: Heavy Forces
Price: RM70.00
Info: Greece’s Witchcurse call their album ‘heavy metal poison’ and open with a doom-laden organ and a sinister voice-over which is, as far as this reviewer is concerned, an excellent start to any album. Indeed, following the horror-movie introduction Witchcurse launch into a pure Iron Maiden beginning, all harmonised guitars and tinny bass. Sure the production is on the weak side (think the first two maiden albums) but there’s a healthy nostalgia about this lot that shows that Witchcurse know their NWOBH inside out and aren’t afraid to have their knowledge put to the test.

With the opening track impressing despite the rather shallow production, the second track continues the vein of decent metal with a nasty, old-school riff combining with Possessed’s vocals which, while not overly tuneful are perfect for this sort of thing and you can tell that he’s deeply committed to his art.One of the album highlights, ‘pay the price’ is definitely the song to check out from this lot and any leather-clad warriors out there in search of a fix of pure old-school metal will do a lot worse than check out this release. ‘I don’t want to grow up’ (surely the unofficial anthem of all metallers everywhere) bizarrely sounds strangely punky – possibly the result of Sid Vicious mating with various members of Black Sabbath and although you have to admire the band’s sincerity, it’s less successful than the previous two tracks. Happily ‘red light’ sees the band return to surer ground and they hit the listener hard with a beautifully harmonised guitar riff that chugs along at a decent speed while the vocals are back to their usual higher standard.

While it may be something of a metal cliché, when Witchcurse open ‘heavy metal kamikaze’ with the sound of a motorbike engine it feels somehow right and the ensuing track is of a quality and energy that only the most churlish of headbangers could ignore. Equally ‘Demolition derby’ swaggers on a riff that’s pure old school Iron maiden and that punky edge that only disappeared when (first singer) Di’Anno departed is retained here to great effect. ‘Drinkers from hell’ softens the pace somewhat, with a really nice tone to the guitars weaving a gentler web before a sudden treble-laden wall of guitars knocks you off your feet. Another high-octane blast of energy is ‘overcome the distance’ which has a simple, yet effective chorus and a nice riff. Better still is ‘Hard rockin’ man in 2010’ which is surely about the band themselves. The solidarity of ‘rock unite’ is also welcome and closing track ‘heavy metal poison’ leaves you with admiration for a band who are so resolutely old-school and so exciting.

Witchcurse are in no way an original band. However, where they score masses of points is their pure old-school fury that has helped them create an album that is both nostalgic and yet vaguely forward looking. The guitarists Stinky and Necro (they may want to rethink those names!) are both very talented shredders and both Possessed (who does double duty on bass as well as vocals) and Paul more than keep up their end as the rhythm section. While this is unlikely to find favour with fans of more modern metal, for those who have an interest in classic rock and heavy metal this is a belter of an album that deserves your attention far more than most of the over-produced, over-hyped rubbish that the likes of Korn belt out these days. A worthy album. (


Title: Under The Spell
Origins: USA
Label: Heavy Artillery
Price: RM70.00
Info: Carrying on the proud legacy of Pacific Northwest heavy metal bands such as MALICE, METAL CHURCH, early QUEENSRYCHE and WILD DOGS, SPELLCASTER formed during early 2009 to prove that traditional heavy metal is alive and well in the USA. Having secured a solid lineup, SPELLCASTER hit the studio in late 2009 to record and self-release their debut three song CD EP entitled Spells of Speed. Catching the attention of New York's Heavy Artillery Records, the band were offered an opportunity to join the label's growing roster. Spells of Speed was re-released with bonus tracks during October 2010, becoming the first installment in the label's "Wax Maniax" demo series of limited edition vinyl and CD demo releases. The limited edition of 200 MLPs and 200 CDs quickly sold out and generated rave reviews from the metal press while helping to develop a worldwide fan base for SPELLCASTER. Now armed and ready for battle, SPELLCASTER are determined to get their music blasting into the ears of bullet belt abusing, beer bashing headbangers worldwide.